Comparator Sourcing

Increasing complexity and competition for the drug development cycle impacts overall clinical study budget for the Sponsors, CRO(s), CDMO(s). At Jupiter, we help to optimize with potential cost savings, time and resources.

Our strategic approach for each sourcing project is where our clients understand the total value addition of working with Jupiter Research Services.

We collaborate with our clients in a consultative and strategic approach to enable our customers conducting their clinical trials with least worries about the supply chain.

Our sourcing strategy comprises of strong relationships with the manufacturers, distributors and authorized wholesalers. We offer a truly unmatchable access to specialty drugs, biologicals and biosimilar products, anti - cancer Drugs, immunological products, generics, diluents, medical devices & laboratory equipments through our audited, reliable, regulatory licenses network.

We ensure that as a customer you are in possession of all authentic information.

Comparator Sourcing

At Jupiter Research Services, we offer you best-in-class services with:

  • Strategic consulting with full-service procurement of drugs
  • Single Point "End-to-end" supply management.
  • Know-how, market intelligence and wide reach network.
  • Design & development consultancy with strategic distribution and optimization services.
  • Document support like CoA, MSDS and Pedigree as applicable.
  • Source from preferred country of origin

Our capabilities include sourcing through Central / Local / Open Market strategy for

  • Comparator drug / Specialty Drugs / Reference Listed Drug / Reference Medicinal Products.
  • Rescue, background, co-medication and standard of care.
  • One sample to large quantities for short-term to long-term clinical trial.
  • Named Patient Programs.

At Jupiter Research Services, we understand our client’s requirements and perform due diligence to ensure that 100% honest and reliable feedback is provided on sourcing possibilities, alongwith the strategies.

We can offer the following documentation based on the feasibility:

  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Certificate of Origin(s)
  • Pedigree Statement(s)
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Temperature Excursion Data
  • TSE/BSE Statements
  • Stability Data
  • Equivalence Statements

Pedigree statement(s) are provided for all orders and shipments to demonstrate full compliance with required storage and transit compliance.